A biting incidence to man or beast in the city of Olathe could result in your pet being summoned to municipal court and declared to be an “aggressive dog.” This would require an extended home owners policy, muzzling when in public, and an aggressive dog sign in your house, in order to keep your dog in the city.

Phase I: Bad Dog Prevention

  • Crate training and use (in crate and outside only – until house broken – no running loose in the house.)
  • Basic commands (“no”= stop what you’re doing, “dog’s name”= good dog.)
  • Obedience class (sit, stay, come, heel, kennel)
  • 2 commands a day (i.e., “sit” in the morning, “kennel” in the evening.)
  • Couches, chairs, & beds = OFF LIMITS
  • Run errands with crate positioned for viewing out window (not in hot weather, always leave windows cracked.)
  • Play with feet
  • Practice submissive posture – rub belly


Phase II: Oops! Bad Dog Training

  • Advanced obedience training
  • Bark collar
  • Situational avoidance


Phase III: OH-NO! Biting Bad Dog Training

  • Muzzle
  • De-fang
  • Behavior modifying drugs

Developed by Dr. Hadley Warwick, with additional credit to Barbara Woodhouse