Meet Our Staff

Dr Warwick

Dr. Hadley V. Warwick, DVM

Chief Veterinarian: 1984 - Present

I’m Dr. Hadley Warwick and I’ve lived in Johnson County my whole life. I’m an Eagle Scout, a graduate of Shawnee Mission East High School and have a BS from KU and a DVM from KSU. This is my cat Emmy. She loves the outdoors and is very independent!


Linda Weidemier

Office Manager: May 29, 1990 - Present

I have been living my dream – working with animals – for the past 25 years! My dogs Daisy (8 year old Doberman), Tulip (6 year old Chihuahua), and Poppy (4 year old Yorkie mix) love to play with my grandkids and spend time with me in our garden.


Andrea Banning

Receptionist, Oct. 25, 2007 - Present

My passion is loving and caring for animals and being the best person I can be. Dino, my 6 year old yellow Lab, is the love of my life! He is 90 lbs of PLAYFUL – just about anything entertains him: laser pointer, frisbee, balls, water, swimming, and walks!


Jeanne Schmidt

Veterinary Technician: August 2009 - Present

I love my job and being able to work with an amazing team that provides exceptional care to animals. My Border Collie Brody is happy to meet anyone new. He loves to go for walks, swim, and have play dates. He also loves the word “Bye Bye”!


Stephanie McIlroy

Receptionist & Vet Tech: May 13, 2013 - Present

I love being around animals – I especially enjoy helping and caring for them. Brian, my West Highland White Terrier, loves to do anything outside. His favorite activities include going on walks and hikes and playing at the dog park.

Brooke Helton

Brooke Helton

Veterinary Technician, January 2014 - Present

Everyday I see and learn something new, which Is something I love about my job. Both my little boys, “Red(Left)  a redbone, coonhound and “Ruger”(Right) a Weimaraner, are still very young and full of energy. They enjoy going to the dog park, cuddling, and playing fetch with their daddy.

Boots - Office Mascot


Greeter / Mascot

Boots is our faithful greeter and mascot. He loves lying in the warm sun, and loves visitors. He’s been with us for about five years and has mastered the art of greeting our visitors.



Mascot & Night Guard

Chester is an affectionate English Bulldog. He wears many hats at the office. He’s one of our furry mascots, he serves night watch over his overnight guests, and he also is a part-time greeter when Boots is napping.

Mr. Dove

Mr. Dove

Mascot & Entertainer

Mr. Dove is one of our feathered mascots. When he’s not busy checking himself out in the mirror, he likes to entertain his audience with his sweet cooing songs. He also helps look out for the place.



Office Mascot & Eye in the Sky

Another one of our feathered mascots, Prissy is a citron-crested cockatiel (aka: yellow cockatiel). While she is prim and proper, don’t be fooled by her name. Prissy is our eye in the sky and reports in on all activities in the office. Nothing gets by this gal.