The following are some of the quality products we sell in our office:

Dog and Cat Food:

  • Hills Prescription Diet
  • iVet Professional Formula Pet Food
  • Greenies Pet Treats and Dental Chews

Bird Food:

  • Harrison’s Bird Food

Pet Hygiene:

  • Tropiclean Shampoo
  • Virbac Toothpaste
  • Ear Products

Pest Control:

  • Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Protection
  • Sentinel Heartworm & Flea Protection
  • HeartGard Heartworm Prevention

Joint Medication:

  • Cosequin
  • Phycox

The Equalizer Carpet Stain & Odor Neutralizer

…and more!

Call us at (913) 829-3275 to hear about our other quality pet care products and services.